If you would like a copy of the clubhouse application, click here.
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Rental Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Friday- Sunday: 10:00 AM - 11:00 PM  
Rental Fees:
1-70 People: $250.00 Rental Fee / $300.00 Refundable Deposit
Clubhouse Includes:
15 round tables (60” diameter, 29”H)
4 rectangular table (72”L, 30”W, 29”H)
72 foldable chairs
A full kitchen
Private one stall restrooms
Television with cable
Grassy area behind the clubhouse
Patio area in front
Gas fireplace

Insurance Requirements:
All homeowners who rent the clubhouse are required to provide a certificate of event insurance with a minimum coverage of $500,000.00. You can contact your insurance company and ask if they provide a one day rental endorsement policy. If not, we recommend looking online for a private event insurance company. The following companies were recommended by homeowners in the community:  

For availability, please log-in and check the community calendar on the left-hand side or email Josh Zamora at You may also call the office during business hours at (619) 397-5299.

In order to cancel your reservation, please send management a written response within 1-2 business days before your event for a full refund.