All republic service customers are entitled to two (2) landfill and two (2) yard waste passes of no charge per year to the Otay Landfill. Keep the following materials separate for recycling:
  • Concrete/Asphalt
  • Metals
  • Appliances
  • Clean Wood
  • Yard Waste
Each pass may be used for a maximum material weight of one (1) ton. Anything over one (1) ton will be charged current landfill rates. Please do not exceed the recommended weight capacity of your vehicle. Please plan accordingly and make sure to secure the load in your vehicle before transporting. A tarp and rope is recommended and use any other means to secure the material. Also, your account with Republic Service must be current before using either of the passes given to you. Please contact Republic Services at (619) 421-9400 to arrange for your pass.